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CubeWorld – Minecraft redux?

I liked Minecraft.  A lie, in it’s simplest form.  I love Minecraft.  There are times I like nothing more than to roam and explore and Minecraft does that perfectly.

Cube World was being built as a “hey, this is fun but here’s something slightly different” at one point.  And then Mojang brought that guy/team in-house.  They’re still building it and it’s in Alpha but it’s very playable and from what I hear and see very amazing.  Like.. “I totally don’t see why this isn’t released yet” good.

There are a lot of videos out there, I suggest you pull one down and watch it.  If you liked Minecraft you’ll probably love Cube World.

A word of caution, they were under a DDoS for a bit and the site/store had a realm of problems staying up.