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D&D: I don’t know what we’re doing, but I’m certain i’m not prepared for this..

And there we were, standing on a tower laden with five ballistae each capable of oblitering my team six ways from Sunday at least a half dozen times.  Each ballistae stockpiled with ammunition that would spell out the aforementioned doom should any one of them detonate via sharp impact or fire.  Being a aptly prepared wizard I did what I do best.. Edged what I’d call a leaning lightning bolt down a narrow 5ft line through five ugly dudes I really wanted to take off the battlefield.

They responded in kind by one of them trying to stab me with his impromptu spear at great disadvantage.  I did my wizard thing with a spell called Mirror Image which always seems to amaze the DM.  So several rounds later when the Barbarian had enough of the fight and the Ranger’s player, eager to recycle this character to the Great Beyond, exchanged what would be described in-character as a knowing look I started to panic a little.  The barbarian, who I’d Hasted as a means of empowering us to kick even more butt, rushed me and picked up the fighter and myself as he ran us like a linebacker hauling groceries over the edge of the tower, down it’s side and out into the forest some 100ft beyond.  Then the tower blew up.

I did that math.  That was a scary fight.

Post Update: As the Barbarian is rushing over the side of the tower I remark “Wait.. what about my Clone!?”