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Where was I? GW2, MC, WoW and STO

My amusement moves back and forth regardless of where I want it.  Sometimes the same thing can amuse me for six hours and sometimes I can’t stand it for six minutes.

I like to blog what I’m doing but then I feel bad when “What i’m doing” is six hours of this game every week with no variations.  That being said I moved in January and I’ve got time on my hands in volumes I’m not sure I know what to do with.

So here I am, blogging again.  Let’s talk?

Before January I did a solid run around WoW as my roommate and I brought her boyfriend into the game.  Leveling characters and running dungeons with great amusement.  You’ll see some pictures and some comments in- or out-of-character as I see fit.  This turned into some GW2 (Guild Wars 2) and from there I figured out why I play GW2 and drop it two weeks later.

As I was salvaging and collecting parts for what they call an Ascended Staff, I ran more than a few dungeons for money.  It’s the players I encountered, the way they treat playing the game that ruins it for me.  A sadness gripped me as I realized this and that I probably won’t go back anytime soon.  It’s a very pretty game and you can see some pictures I made over on my tumblr site (I’m sorry, I was just testing out some ideas.  I wasn’t cheating on you.)

I’ve been in World of Warcraft again for almost a year now.  After a friend threw 20 bucks at me to fish him up some pets ingame.  After that it was just easy to leave my account on and join him for a weekly raid.  Raiding isn’t my most favorite but I enjoy it enough to return once a week for 2.5 hours.  Imagine if you will ~12 half-drunk people doing dumb things and getting killed and trying again.  Amusing, yes?  And that’s why I go back.

My new roommates play Star Trek Online and moving in started an amusing approach to STO and for two months I played the hell out of it.  I’ll play again and again but I’m taking a break to do other things.  Notably, Minecraft.  Star Trek Online is a solid game and they’ve added and are adding more missions and story, players are building more stories for you to play and the ships are very Star Trek.  I recommend it highly as it’s quite a good game (still).

I was playing a phone game, Hay Day, when the farming ideas there kept whispering to my brain.  And so I turned my attention back into MC to run around my server and do some farming and exploration.

inFamous: Second Son released, after playing the first two I was an am excited to play it.  I’m hoping to have my hands on a new Playstation 4 soon, but regardless you’ll hear my thoughts when I venture there.  I’m tweaking some mental ideas about recording some of these games I play, posting to YouTube.  We’ll see where that goes.