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Month: March 2014

House Gardening

Yeah, I have hobbies. This is one of them. This is a moonflower during the first day of sprout. It’s already nearly twice this big.


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Something New, Something Old

Part of my journey in 2014 is trying out new and old games, their mechanical route and figuring out what I like and don’t.  I’ve picked up more TableTop pencil and paper RPG books than I care to comment on.  Among them stories and histories that I can’t always remember.  I’ve started my run through Mutants & Masterminds, a journey that started some years ago as D&D 3.5 was offering it’s infrastructure to anyone who wanted it.  This lead to various games with basic rules that were all the same and only the details changed.  Crossbow here is a Lazer Kanon there.  It was what we might call a second Dark Age after TSR got devoured by Wizards of the Coast (who was then eaten by Hasbro).  History aside, it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t good.  Currently at it’s 3rd Edition it’s replaced some of that infrastructure for a simpler approach to Superhero gaming.

All you need is a single d20 and time.  For RPG veterans, it falls solidly between Storyteller system and Pathfinder for complexity with combat being the only troubling point.

Character construction is very open and allows for a variety of powers in styles I’ve played in other games.  Notably I rebuilt a City of Heroes character with the assistance of a sidebook they made “Power Profiles” which was easily the second best purchase I’ve ever made following a main book.  There they make themed suggestions on powers and build them using the rules in the main book.  No, there’s nothing new, no new powers or options.  Everything you ‘need’ is in the main book from civil weapons and vehicles to animals and thugs.  I took the time to build myself a resource document to see where Normal People sit compared to Supers.

It’s well done and and easily amusing.  You enjoy superhero table games, give me a chat we could meet online and play a dash or if you’re in the PDX we could have coffee over smashing a car and stealing minds.


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Where was I? GW2, MC, WoW and STO

My amusement moves back and forth regardless of where I want it.  Sometimes the same thing can amuse me for six hours and sometimes I can’t stand it for six minutes.

I like to blog what I’m doing but then I feel bad when “What i’m doing” is six hours of this game every week with no variations.  That being said I moved in January and I’ve got time on my hands in volumes I’m not sure I know what to do with.

So here I am, blogging again.  Let’s talk?

Before January I did a solid run around WoW as my roommate and I brought her boyfriend into the game.  Leveling characters and running dungeons with great amusement.  You’ll see some pictures and some comments in- or out-of-character as I see fit.  This turned into some GW2 (Guild Wars 2) and from there I figured out why I play GW2 and drop it two weeks later.

As I was salvaging and collecting parts for what they call an Ascended Staff, I ran more than a few dungeons for money.  It’s the players I encountered, the way they treat playing the game that ruins it for me.  A sadness gripped me as I realized this and that I probably won’t go back anytime soon.  It’s a very pretty game and you can see some pictures I made over on my tumblr site (I’m sorry, I was just testing out some ideas.  I wasn’t cheating on you.)

I’ve been in World of Warcraft again for almost a year now.  After a friend threw 20 bucks at me to fish him up some pets ingame.  After that it was just easy to leave my account on and join him for a weekly raid.  Raiding isn’t my most favorite but I enjoy it enough to return once a week for 2.5 hours.  Imagine if you will ~12 half-drunk people doing dumb things and getting killed and trying again.  Amusing, yes?  And that’s why I go back.

My new roommates play Star Trek Online and moving in started an amusing approach to STO and for two months I played the hell out of it.  I’ll play again and again but I’m taking a break to do other things.  Notably, Minecraft.  Star Trek Online is a solid game and they’ve added and are adding more missions and story, players are building more stories for you to play and the ships are very Star Trek.  I recommend it highly as it’s quite a good game (still).

I was playing a phone game, Hay Day, when the farming ideas there kept whispering to my brain.  And so I turned my attention back into MC to run around my server and do some farming and exploration.

inFamous: Second Son released, after playing the first two I was an am excited to play it.  I’m hoping to have my hands on a new Playstation 4 soon, but regardless you’ll hear my thoughts when I venture there.  I’m tweaking some mental ideas about recording some of these games I play, posting to YouTube.  We’ll see where that goes.

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RE: Titanfall

It’s got some amusing ideas.  But on it’s own it’s not worth my 60 bucks.  It’s all Multiplayer FPS, no single-player story.  The “Campaign” is a military campaign as you fight back and forth.

Some people have called it CoD which may or may not be fair to either game.  Regardless it’s not for me.


Oh, i’m back to updating.  Time and Attention has recovered properly.  Let’s talk about some other games, eh?

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