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Dying Light – 20 minutes at a time

I picked up Dying Light during a weekend moment of poor decisions-making. For full cover price.

That being said, I enjoy what little I play of the game. My previous efforts to build immersion were hit and miss until I started Dying Light. Immediately I’m feeling the apprehension. Smash a zombie.. Anxiety.. scale a wall.. Dread. I think my first session lasted an hour and a half because I paused the game and went to dinner. Ever since then I give it about 20 minutes in the morning before work. That’s as long as it takes for anxiety to creep up on me and convince me that staying in this nice cozy shelter is good enough.

If I play at night, I barely make it past the game menu. But that’s playing with headphones. In the dark.
..what? I take my immersion seriously. Not seriously enough for an Oculus though.

We’re going to cut it here but I’ll say you should take a look if you enjoyed Fallout 3 style post-apocalypse survival and lurking zombie horror.