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Cities: Skylines

Cities isn’t hard. Some people will tell you this. You should politely tell them it’s not hard, it’s just that SimCity is easy.

And it is. I don’t really have to consider population education level when growing my city in SC.

Now let me tell you about a little offshoot of new industry we’ll call “Can’t hire enough people stupid enough to work here”. It was a Problem.

Then I crossed the magical 7500 people mark and presto, problem solved. See, I had a mess of old-industry holdouts that were properly staffed and had no problems. So when I converted them to Offices the system of Education balance corrected itself.

Now I can’t seem to stop growing.

It’s good, Get it. It’s leagues better than SimCity. Leagues.

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  1. Katie Plays
    Katie Plays April 27, 2015

    Education level was a Thing in SimCity, just took longer before it mattered. That said.. I do think I like Cities better (except the graphics. SimCity is really pretty!).

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