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I play a lot of MMO’s. If not in quantity, then variety. I’ve played Star Trek Online, World of Warcraft and a host of others not mentioned in this blog or in passing conversation.

I don’t mention them because they all do several things the same. Theme Park mmo’s are like that. Much the same with little changes here and there.

I made a run at various games a year or two ago. My objective was to find a group of people to play with, the bigger the better. I hung out with a guild of over two-thousand members at one point, learning that while this did provide some of what I wanted it didn’t meet other needs and so through this year I came to the objective to find two specific things. 1) a game that would let me play how I wanted to play (harder than you might think) and 2) A smaller but higher-quality group of people.

I’ve met both those goals with Elite: Dangerous and it still continues to be a solid game I can just log into and enjoy. I took a serious run at DCUO (which I’ll talk about later) and a couple of other games only to discover a firmly entrenched player base that felt it necessary to tell me how to play the game.

Coming down the road is a community supported, community built resurrection of City of Heroes under the name City of Titans. I was sad to see CoH go and the more I read into the saga the more confusing and weird it felt. City of Titans goes into Beta mid 2016 and releases this winter and I’m stoked. I’ll be covering it here in much detail and sure to link places you can see it streamed and recorded.

That the community has achieved much in rebuilding our beloved game after these last few years is quite remarkable. I can’t wait to see it released upon the world for all to enjoy!