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So there I was, enjoying some Anime on Netflix and the weirdness inherent in some sci-fi anime reminded me of a game I played once.

In Warframe you’re some kind of weaponized space-ninja/warrior from a bygone era awoken to the future. You use super powers and various guns and swords to vanquish hordes of not-quite humans who are doing nefarious things.

Still with me? Good.

What I like most is that nearly anything can be earned from running missions, regular events and crafting. With the exception of some cosmetic items, you can earn even some of the exclusive shiny-gold things one would normally expect to be exclusively cash-only. Though there isn’t a plethora of loot to acquire so we’re spared the idiocy of gloves and belts on our inventory list.

So what does that give us? Shooting, crafting, and some quests. I enjoy it for it’s particular spin on sci-fi though it’s not particularly deep with story and on occasion I’ve spent some time reading the wiki so I can glean some of secrets that are metered out in small quest-sized doses.

Appendix 1a: It’s free to play, if you enjoy Action Shooters like Borderlands or The Division then I couldn’t recommend this more.

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  1. Katie Plays
    Katie Plays July 4, 2017

    Kevin played this game with his buddy Brandon for a while. Looked kind of neat, and they enjoyed it for a while 🙂

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