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It’s a name. I came back to Guild Wars 2. I wasn’t planning on it ever again but then the universe catches you sometimes and reminds you ad naseum until you relent. I got an email about new content. A friend went to join some raid group and play. And then another friend was trying it out. And then my dad was asking if I was going to do the holiday content.

Fine fine. I’ll come back and play. But I’m not feeling my old Mesmer Vestolo. No, I’ve become something of an adventurer in character design. I lean towards aliens in space games and extravagant ones in fantasy.

So this is Daguethi, named after two days of pouring over lists of Celtic, Welsh and old Arthurian naming lists. See, Daguethi is Sylvari, a race of plant people who’s lore is in line with Arthurian legend in places.

And since I prefer aliens I’m making him my main for the time being. Buying him perks like extra bag space, a costume since all the normal armor just doesn’t look good on him. I’m still dialing in the color on the clothes, but this is Fashion Wars so I’m liable to be on this piece for a while. Meanwhile I have a plethora of old and new quests to redo so I’ll be busy at that for a while. My pre-2018 resolution is to find a game with a good community behind it and settle in for a while. Actually play for more than my typical two weeks.

You’ll see more posts on Daguethi and my adventures moving forward. I’m spicing up the blog with a dash of my creative storytelling I post on Tumblr. Speaking of which, you’ll find a link at the bottom for my Tumblr if that’s your thing.