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Month: February 2018

I’m a dragon!

Zurom Farstrider

Zurom Farstrider

I’m something of a fan of Istaria. It’s dated, sure. It’s not modern-day graphics dialed up to 9. The community is small but dedicated and the world is interesting to explore.

Between Dragon and Biped you can be anything you want. And there’s no commitment to class when you’re not a dragon, you can level all the classes and add their powers to your repertoire.

Dragon is kind of a one and done approach but you can learn to fly. And it’s a rare game where you can a) play a dragon and b) Fly.

My personal tastes are kinda there with fantasy games. I want interesting depth, optional design choices and a world you can explore. I once joined some friends for a big fiery boss-monster fight. This fight required my way-underleveled elf to hike across creation for what feels like forever. Past monsters great and small, through townships and villages.

I would do it again. My second character aside from Zurom is going to be a lizard man of some nature.

Istaria: Chronicles of the Gifted

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