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Month: November 2018

From Station to Stars

I’ve been watching the streams. Some of the material. Updates are coming to Elite that have me a little excited. Exploration is getting an overhaul, as is mining. It should prove to bring life back into the game.

People are somehow shocked at one of the new ships. That Mamba looks like she’d run hot and yet people are taken aback at how quickly it overheats. Yes, you fit a cockpit to two massive engines and an even larger gun, it’s going to get a little warm.

Me I’m looking at that Krait Phantom with some interest. Looks like it’s the upgrade from the Cobra I’ve been searching for. She’ll outrun and out-turn my Python in every category. The question is can she tackle some of the serious threat’s I’ve faced down. Only time will tell.

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A hunters cadence

I’m not sure how long I was there, drifting among the ice tumbling through space. Their gentle orbits belying their dangerous mass. Watching the miners ply their violet beams to harvest diamonds and water had a certain peace to it.

Sensors lit when twin targets dropped in-belt. The python I could imagine was here for the chunks of ice gently orbitng [redacted]. The FDL on the other hand, I had this gut-feeling about.

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