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City of Heroes

Not a day passes where I don’t hear someone exclaim “I can’t believe it’s back!” The joy in their voices the energy in their step. Yes folks, it’s back to City of Heroes for me.

Free to Play and hosted in some dark corner I’ve been plugging away at blasting thugs and flying around the city. Having just completed a lap of a time-lost corner of Galaxy City I was feeling a touch too nostalgic and thought I should share with you some words.

Ganymedean, a Kheldian and Peacebringer, is my main and whom I’ll be telling stories about in the coming days.

I can’t tell you how excited I was to find it late one Saturday night and not even 40 minutes later I was in and playing. The next 5 hours passed so quickly and every weekend since have been late nights, too much caffeine and thwarting villainy.

Here are some links for the curious:

Installation and Getting started guide
Reddit on r/cityofheroes

If you come back I’m over on the Everlasting server. Drop me a /tell and fly safe my friends!