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Month: June 2019

What was, what will be

It struck me that perhaps I was getting ahead of myself. That you might want the whole story. At least an explanation of who I am.

I was, and to a certain point, still am Kyle Harkins.

I was drifting through life, working odd jobs and filling in where I found opportunity. It paid the bills and in a place like Paragon City there’s never a lack for work.

But it’s a dangerous city and you learn to watch out. They don’t make the front pages but you can almost always find a story in the paper about super heroics gone awry. How some would-be cultists kidnapped another innocent or how the ferry was delayed again because of Lusca. You learn to keep your eyes and ears open because sometimes trouble follows you on foot and at others it’s on wing.

I was finishing a long day, a double or a triple.. I don’t recall. I was running thin on more caffeine than what the FDA thinks is safe. My normal commute takes me along the blue line, through Steel Canyon and to within a block of walking in Skyway. But some of those previously mentioned delays had occurred and I was hoofing it longer than I’d planned. Long story short, I rounded the corner into Skulls territory and very quickly regretted it.

Push came to shove and someone pulled out a knife. I didn’t have much to give or wasn’t quick enough in handing over what I did have. Or maybe out of spite, they stabbed me. Twice. And with a couple of laughs they ran off to spend their gains while I bled out.

It was around this time that Ganymedean found me. In a sense, he felt my pain and was able to home in on it. To save me and itself we had to merge, it explained. That it was hurt and needed shelter and that repairing my body was well within its means.

In hindsight I wish I’d read the fine print. I don’t regret my choice but I do have some doubts. I accepted, naturally. Faced with death and a slow demise at that I feel that most people would choose whatever option B was. But there are details I would like to have known before my life was inextricably bound to a higher purpose.

The merging wasn’t painful. I did recover fully as I was told. But I was quickly briefed on a few key topics. Chiefly, that I would now be hunted. That we were know known as Ganymedean and that we were hunted by the Nictus. That the Nictus had allies specially tasked with hunting us down.

..and now we glow..

Of course, the community at large would recognize us. Ganymedean was very clear about that. That we were Kheldian, merged and whole. That some extraordinary powers were within my grasp and that we would understand them in time.

But it was very weak and quickly fell asleep. I still had some of the power but the voice was gone. So I was left with a dash of responsibility, a measure of opportunity and more than a little wonder and excitement.

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Caverns of Transcendence

I was killing time bopping Trolls in Skyway when the call went out. Some heroes had stumbled on what they believed was the Cavern of Transcendence. Sounded important and I volunteered to join them. I’m no mystic and I haven’t the foggiest idea on what it’s supposed to do.

But word was the Circle of Thorns was looking for it and I make it a personal hobby of thwarting Circle every chance I get. So naturally I had expectations that weren’t met entirely.

It took another member of our team, a mystic, to explain what this pile of rocks meant. And that was after battling through a small horde of “stone men” and “lava golem”. I’m sure they have proper names and something I’ll bring up later when I can track down time to visit MAGI.

I don’t make it a habit of doubting mystics, even when half of what they say sounds like such hogwash. I mean, I can fly and things they talk about make that sound so pedestrian.

We escaped that cave, though I had a lot more questions. I went in with this vision of “El Dorado” levels of dream-fulfillment. All I got was a little heat-blasting from lava pools that were oddly still fluid.

All told it was very strange and I made a note to ask a friend about it later. I’m more accustomed to punching robots than I am digging through rocks and old lore.

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  1. dignity, seriousness, or solemnity of manner.

It’s no small feat reaching Faathim the Kind, let alone receiving an audience. So when a being of his stature and status asks for help, you listen.

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Investigate, Counter and Report

We were up to our neck in Crey Security, heavily armed troopers and the occasional scientist. So few scientists that it was starting to seem like a trap.

My team was chaotic, but we cleared rooms like professionals and the chaos helped keep our enemies off their footing.

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City of Heroes

Not a day passes where I don’t hear someone exclaim “I can’t believe it’s back!” The joy in their voices the energy in their step. Yes folks, it’s back to City of Heroes for me.

Free to Play and hosted in some dark corner I’ve been plugging away at blasting thugs and flying around the city. Having just completed a lap of a time-lost corner of Galaxy City I was feeling a touch too nostalgic and thought I should share with you some words.

Ganymedean, a Kheldian and Peacebringer, is my main and whom I’ll be telling stories about in the coming days.

I can’t tell you how excited I was to find it late one Saturday night and not even 40 minutes later I was in and playing. The next 5 hours passed so quickly and every weekend since have been late nights, too much caffeine and thwarting villainy.

Here are some links for the curious:

Installation and Getting started guide
Reddit on r/cityofheroes

If you come back I’m over on the Everlasting server. Drop me a /tell and fly safe my friends!

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