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Everstone – part v

When I awoke in Paragon City I was wracked by anger. Furious though I did not know who or what could have elicited such ire. In the aftermath of my recollection I like to think I understood. Though I’ll admit I probably am missing some cosmic needle in the stack, some full accounting of actions that resulted in my catastrophe.

With an unusual new power over Time I chased my legacy through the eons. From the vaunted halls of New Rome to the annals of the Precambrian Era. No shred of my beginning, nor my ultimate fate could be discovered. No birth records, no death certificates. I had ceased to exist as a member of any timeline. I had destroyed my own causality.

Within the depths of the Temporal Ocean I saw a force, a darkness so profound I have returned to the shores of Paragon City to rescue those who have fallen or been forgotten from the tempest of Time. To forge an alliance of those who could face this darkness and aide in it’s defeat.