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Month: August 2023

X-N248 – Silent Oracle

I refit into the Silent Oracle, her codes still active in some quirky database of GalNet. Reports of Thargoid attacks were appearing all over civilized space and opportunity abounded for entrepreneurs such as myself. With the barest inkling of a plan I set off to see what kind of adventure I could find.

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When the priest threw incense into the brazier, I was expecting a vision. A sight among sights, perhaps a shred of inner-peace.

Instead I was introduced to Gre’thor. Complete with Fek’lhr. A very vivid Fek’lhr.

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..something in red

Space is vast. Impossibly vast. With shades in every flavor of the rainbow.

The Errant Song had been patrolling nebulae in search of probable colony sites when we happened into system. Without a pressing schedule it was an opportune time to indulge in deep-system scans to further our research goals.

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