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Here we are, one year later..

So.. it’s been a year.  I find myself in a strange level of contemplation.  My domain renewal comes up and while I fully intend to renew I have begun to wonder if perhaps I’m not advertising enough.  But do I post enough to advertise?  Do I care enough to post?

Aside from renewal several other events have appeared on my radar in just the last week or two.

July 3rd – Amazing Spider-Man.  An excellent looking reboot taking us to Peter’s science background and the Lizard.  I really appreciate them trying to reboot the series and give us a different spin.  Hopefully it works, Spider Man 3 was terrible.

July 20th – Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, fully on my radar but a solid ‘meh’.  I’ve never been the biggest fan of the Bane storyline and Batman falls a solid fourth on my list of DC heroes I’d love to see filmed or even serialized in television.

August 28th – Guild Wars 2 releases.  I’ll begin my character-driven writing project found elsewhere on this site.

September 18th – Borderlands 2, which I’ll be pre-ordering any day now.

My summer is a vast desert of time dotted with moments of Awesome before being swathed in emptiness while I wait for my precious games to release.  Meanwhile I’m watching companies crank out bad media left and right.

SimCity Social is like all the other Facebook Social games where you don’t actually play a game.  You just click along every x minutes to collect money/resources.  I play them as much as I play any of them, for a few weeks before I get frustrated at a walled progress behind a limit of actions per hour and social impetus.  Most my FB friends don’t play the games and what few games ‘they’ play, I mostly don’t.  C’est la vie.

EVE Online continues to catch my attention and receive my token subscription.  All I’ve done in the last few months is train skills, something I might change up here in a few weeks, if only to stretch my spacing legs and do a mission or two.

I’m still playing Dragon’s Dogma, having started for a third time and settled on Mystic Knight, i’m happily taking my time with quests and various monster hunting pursuits.  Soon as I finish it this time I’m going to settle in for Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.  I’m probably over a year behind on playing through but I find some things are better savored at the right time.  I need to put some time with Batman: Arkham City, I haven’t spent more than 4 hours with it since it came out.  I’ve been shamefully neglectful.

What little fanbase I have, I appreciate you.  All of you.  I don’t look at my metrics because I don’t believe knowing who or how many people visit would alter my perspective.  Until next time friends.


Fiction vs Reality: Deadspace vs The Thing

Fiction: Necromorph

Animated dead tissue, various forms, requires specialized strategy to kill.

The story meant to placate you is that it requires an alien artifact, dead tissue and can be stopped by dismembering limbs. 

Reality: The Thing

Living creature, gains memories and abilities via absorption, regenerates from separated pieces, requires additional effort to ensure complete destruction.

The reality is a dire and terrifying vision where no amount of trauma can stop it from surviving and coming after you.

Avengers – Spoiler Free

Avengers was a great movie.  As a superhero movie it did everything it could well and left me with few irks.  I sat in probably the worst spot in the theater in the second row of one of those big stadium style theaters.  Digital projection and at the far left seat of my row.  I spent the whole time looking up and right and it hasn’t tarnished my feelings on the movie at all.

If you liked the other recent Marvel movies, Iron Man/Thor/Captain America, go see Avengers.  You’re in for a treat.

Munitions, the Media and Myth

The three M’s of my weekly “Oh, seriously!?” whining.  I primarily recognize it in vampire shows where the antagonist is carrying that special shotgun loaded with fire, or the heroine dual wields guns like a trained pro.

I happened upon a YouTube channel that gives you some demonstration of various weapons.  The commentator, often seen in a “Professional Russian” t-shirt will often take a moment to show you just how little recoil there is.  On some of those guns, i’m shocked.  The Ulti-Max v3 is a serious piece of hardware and yet you can watch him use it one handed here:

And of course, the AA-12 Automatic Shotgun, dual wielded here:


Normally, I’d have listed Dragons Breath, or any other special ‘anti-vampire’ round in the logs of “Shit that don’t exist, Son.”  But after watching one of FPS Russia’s videos, I’m seeing a subtle truth that I had failed to account for.

Now I need to apologize to some of my players for adjudications I’d made.