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Month: June 2014

Kingdom of Loathing

Once upon a time I worked with a person who was Internet Radio DJ for a game in an age when Internet was a newish idea and “Internet Radio DJ” was almost a joke.

I hadn’t touched the game for but a day at the time having rapidly become confused and lost and putting it down for forever. It wasn’t until very recently when a comment thread lead me back to KoL this time with more patience and a hell of a lot of determination.

Notably, it plays much like a MUD with limited actions per day and various rooms you can adventure in as part of your ongoing questing. At present I’m a Level 9 Pastamancer, delving into the dangerous arts of Cannoli Cannons and Ravioli Shuriken. KoL features a strong tongue-in-cheek design and approach, lo-fi graphical quality and the flexibility to play on any browser I can think of.

The game is totally free to play though they do ask for and reward donations with ingame things. For my $10 dollar contribution I was rewarded with a Galloping Grill. There’s a very robust crafting system and several unusually named classes to choose from.

Give it a spin. They have an inviting and unusual community and a ridiculously entertaining game.

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Not for me: Lords of the Fallen

And in one fell stroke Lords of the Fallen falls off my must-have list. Previously hailed as Dark Souls meets Fantasy-Borderlands now is more Dark Souls oriented with a difficult single-player story.

I’m sure it’ll be good, but not quite for me.

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EA is pushing the line

And testing my patience. This video has a fairly clear rant on what’s wrong.

(I should warn you, the youtuber is vocal about his dissatisfaction and uses some colorful vernacular.)

If it weren’t for Sims, after Sim City I would have given up on EA entirely. I’ve cut Ubisoft out of my life, there’s a lot of great games out there that I think I could do it again. Though I’d prefer not to test my limits on this. That being said, if you walk into any FPS franchise in the middle, intelligently choose which game to play and vote with your wallet it’s not so bad. But when you start looking at the underlying details it gets ugly.

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I’m a sucker for procedural

E3 happened or is happening and games are displayed in their vestigial stages, cocoon only barely opened, to give us a glimpse of their final form. It should be no surprise I’m a great fan of Minecraft. In that vein I’m also a fan of Space Engineers and Limit Theory. All games featuring some level of sandbox-freedom and procedural design with near-limitless exploration potential.

These aren’t games you ‘finish’ but merely put down for a time in favor of more present concerns like food or water. I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve invested into Minecraft nor how many more will go into Limit Theory. So far there doesn’t seem to be a lot of information on ‘Sky, but if it comes for PC you can bet it’ll find a home on my shelf of “Endless Fun”.

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