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Kingdom of Loathing

Once upon a time I worked with a person who was Internet Radio DJ for a game in an age when Internet was a newish idea and “Internet Radio DJ” was almost a joke.

I hadn’t touched the game for but a day at the time having rapidly become confused and lost and putting it down for forever. It wasn’t until very recently when a comment thread lead me back to KoL this time with more patience and a hell of a lot of determination.

Notably, it plays much like a MUD with limited actions per day and various rooms you can adventure in as part of your ongoing questing. At present I’m a Level 9 Pastamancer, delving into the dangerous arts of Cannoli Cannons and Ravioli Shuriken. KoL features a strong tongue-in-cheek design and approach, lo-fi graphical quality and the flexibility to play on any browser I can think of.

The game is totally free to play though they do ask for and reward donations with ingame things. For my $10 dollar contribution I was rewarded with a Galloping Grill. There’s a very robust crafting system and several unusually named classes to choose from.

Give it a spin. They have an inviting and unusual community and a ridiculously entertaining game.