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Month: December 2015

Elite Dangerous: Horizons – Dune Buggies in Space!

I wasn’t sold on Horizons when I first heard about it. I’m looking forward to fighting torrential storms and blinding blizzards when landing on planets. The airless moons they give you now just don’t compel me. I found more than a few people who found that hard to grasp.

That being said what was a pretty game got a lot prettier. Few things compare to staring across a rocky expanse at the star as it’s rising over the horizon, to throwing your buggy over a crater wall and bouncing along in low-gravity as you chase down sensor phantoms.

Just watch those landings.

Elite Dangerous: Horizons

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Sometimes tag lines are hard to write. What do I say about a thin in five words or less. or more.

The review sold me with “Studio Ghibli meets..” I bought it on that alone. What I got was a board game with a distinct art/story style I find familiar. You play as one of several animal heroes, the king Lion having been corrupted, and are tasked with taking the crown in one of several ways. It plays like so many board games while being excellently polished and animated.

For the quality, 20 bucks is a steal and you can get it on Steam.
Here’s the Link

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